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Vero Beach, FL Mortgage Broker | Mortgage Specialists

Our Loan Programs

As a mortgage broker in Vero Beach, FL we have a diverse portfolio of loan programs available for all of your residential purchase and refinance needs. We are able to accommodate any and all lending options throughout the state of Florida. We can find a loan program for everyone, regardless of the type of property, condition, credit history, or citizenship.  We have the ability to broker any and all real estate loans you will ever need!

Our rates, terms, and options are the best around and our customer service top-notch!  This is because we have relationships with dozens of regional and national wholesale lenders and private lenders to shop your real estate loan to. 

Every month we are partnering with more lenders, so come meet with us to discuss your individual real estate lending needs. 

Contact us today!

Vero Beach, FL Mortgage Broker | Mortgage Specialists
Vero Beach, FL Mortgage Broker | Mortgage Specialists

Residential Financing

We offer a wide variety of purchase and refinance options for residential lending. Our programs include traditional and alternative programs for all lending needs.


Programs include:

  • Conventional - with low down payment options of 1% 3% 5% down 

  • Conventional renovation

  • FHA

  • FHA renovations (203K loan) 

  • VA 

  • Jumbo 

  • Low down payment programs without mortgage Insurance

  • Doctor Loan program - for medical professionals including MD, DDS, DMD, OD, DPM, DO. Excludes student loan debts! 

We have traditional, alternative and private financing loan options based on your personal needs and financial situations 

Commercial Financing

  • Office Buildings

  • Warehouses

  • Hotels

  • Motels

  • Medical Buildings

  • Industrial

  • Apartments

  • Gas Stations

  • Retail Centers

  • Development/Construction/Bridge

We have purchase and refinance loan options for prime, subprime, and private financing available.

Investment Financing

  • Rehab Properties

  • Fix and Flip

  • Single Family and Multifamily

  • Commercial Properties

  • Builder/Contractor Construction Loans

  • Stated Income

  • Cash Out Refinances for Cashflow properties.

  • Foreign National Lending

  • 1031 Exchanges

  • Private Loan Origination Services

We have all different types of subprime and private financing options for just about any real estate situation possible. 

Private Financing

Private financing offers borrowers a fast and easy alternative to traditional mortgage lending. While these programs are ONLY for investment properties, borrowers can close on a home in as little as 5 business days. 

  • Investment properties only

  • Close in 5-10 business days

  • Little personal documentation required

  • Can use property cash flow for approval 

  • Interest rates between 8% - 12% 

  • 1-5 year terms. Fully amortized with balloon payment

  • Refinance available 

Alternative Financing

An alternative option to traditional mortgage lending which offers less stringent guideline requirements and restrictions. These programs offer borrowers or normally couldn't receive mortgage finance an alternative lending option. The loan terms and interest rates do vary from traditional financing and start at a 10% down payment with interest rates ranging from 6% - 9%, depending on the loan program and borrower qualifications. Some of the alternative financing program options include: 


  • Bank statement loans - for self-employed individuals who have a difficult time providing traditional loan income documentation, NO tax returns collected 

  • Recent housing event- one day out of bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale discharge allowed

  • Low credit scores- for those whose credit qualifications don't meet traditional criteria

  • Investor Cash Flow- using the cash flow of an investment property to qualify for the loan rather than personal income

  • Foreign National Program - NO US credit required, NO SSN or ITIN required, very few country restrictions, 6-12 month reserve requirements 

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